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About Mauna Physical Therapy

Mauna Physical Therapy is a cash-based PT practice aimed at providing evidence-based, personalized and holistic care in order to help you not only minimize your pain/ dysfunction in the short-term, but also to help you understand your body more deeply, take ownership of your own health journey, and ultimately be your own best care provider.  I started this clinic in order to dive more deeply with my clients, so that we can work together to realize why you are in pain, how to treat this pain, and what to do moving forward so that you understand your own body and path to wellness. 

Young Skier

Why Pay Cash? 

Cash pay allows me to minimize time spent dealing with insurance companies and maximize time spent one-on-one with clients.  Also, insurance companies don't have the power to dictate your care, YOU AND I DECIDE WHAT IS NEEDED!  Paying out-of-pocket means making an investment in your health, and often times the overall cost is comparable or even less than that of an insurance-based practice.

Do I need a referral? 

In Colorado, you have direct access to physical therapy, meaning you do not need to get a referral.  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, MI am able to do a thorough asessment and determine whether PT is right for you or if you need more work-up from another provider.

Dr. Madeleine Child, PT DPT


Madeleine is a Colorado native who completed her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, Sports Medicine and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colorado State University in 2012.  She then lived in Crested Butte for a season and fell in love with the area, but had more exploring to do before settling down.  She traveled internationally before attending the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2016.  Madeleine has continued her education with courses in:

John Barnes' Myofascial Release,

Instrumented Manual Therapy, 

Rehabilitation for Runners

Sport-specific treatment strategies

Postural Restoration (focused on breathing mechanics)

Yoga Therapy (currently her area of continuing study)

She enjoys surfing (when she can get to the coast), yoga, hiking, biking, cooking, being a musician, sharing time with her community, and being with her husband and young daughter.  She is very excited to serve the community as a movement specialist and to offer the kind of care she feels is in alignment with her values by operating her own small clinic!  She is also grateful for the new clinic space built buy her partner where she can now operate!

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