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Mauna Physical Therapy provides exemplary services, allowing our patients to move better and feel better.  Our 55-minute one-on-one sessions allow for individualized treatment, where we can dive deeper into each individual's needs.

Colorado is a Direct Access state, meaning that patients do not have to have a referral from a physician prior to beginning physical therapy.  Mauna Physical Therapy uses a cash-pay model which allows us to base our treatment off of the individual needs of each patient, rather than the rules of insurance companies.  Patients pay for treatments at the time of service using cash, check, a Health Saving Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or credit card (2.5% fee for credit card processing).  Mauna Physical Therapy will provide patients with visit summaries including codes and pricing if needed, for insurance reimbursement. 

Prices are kept affordable (an hour-long session is priced comparable to 30-minute sessions with some competitors) to allow for accessibility to high-quality care. 


60-75 minute initial evaluation

55-minute follow-up treatment


Three 55-minute sessions
$243 (10% off) 

New Patient Special: Evaluation + three 55-minute sessions
$331 (15% off)

Why use a cash-pay model?

On average, most patients have insurance deductibles of $5,000 or more. The average PT clinic bills insurance $250 per session, the cost of which is the patient’s responsibility until they meet their deductible. At Mauna PT, we keep our treatment prices affordable (less than half of what most PT clinics bill to insurance) and still provide exceptional one-on-one care.

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