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What Mauna Offers

At Mauna Physical Therapy, I have the skills and knowledge needed to guide you on your path to feeling good and moving freely.  I understand that moving freely allows you to live freely.  I don't just try to "fix" a problem.... you aren't your injury, you are a unique individual with unique goals and past experiences.  We (you and I) can work together to put the pieces of your particular puzzle together and decide how best to address your pain/ problem holistically. 

Holistic Hands-On Therapies

Dr. Madeleine Child has continuously expanded her understanding and practice of manual therapies since beginning her work as a PT.  She offers a variety of techniques including functional dry needling, myofascial release, trigger point release, pin-and stretch tissue mobilization, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and joint mobilizations.  These hands-on treatments facilitate "normalized" mechanics and expedite the healing process. 

Return to You

As an athlete and yogi, Dr. Child understands how important it is to participate in the activities we love.  After an injury or set-back, or perhaps a phase of life that cause you to get away from your most healthy lifestyle, reclaiming your strength, balance, agility, and overall function are paramount in allowing for you to return to swimming, paddling, hiking, biking, climbing, or whatever it is that makes you feel most alive!  Dr. Child will dive deep with you and help you to achieve your unique goals, whatever they may be.

Pain Management 

Whether you are a high-level athlete, a casual hiker, or just want to drive, relax, or move around comfortably, chronic and acute pain can be debilitating.  With a combination of hands-on therapies, techniques to get you more in touch with your body, and individualized education/ strength and flexibility training, Dr. Child will treat you as a whole to help you learn how to minimize and manage your pain, so that you can live fully. 

Hiking With Child
Sports massage on leg
Dancer in Sunset
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